Iowa City, Iowa 5.23.13– Yo La Tengo’s last show of their current tour began with a front of the stage acoustic set off by 3 tree props. After a 45 min soft/soothing collection of songs, James, Georgia and Ira  eased in some electronics and guitar wizardry before their set change for the 2nd half their electric set. The trees moved to the back of the stage and reveled a full drum kit and a pair of road traveled Fender amps as well as an assortment of more pedals and keyboards.

It seemed that after each song Ira received a different guitar, although in reality they were more than likely re-tuned and recycled due to Ira’s spontaneous movements that involved his guitar playing on stands or anything else within reach. The on stage dialoge was minimal but quite open, involving audience members song requests and suggestions.   I missed their last Englert show and was extremely excited to redeem my missed Yo La Tengo indoctrination.  After listening to their advent guard guitar based albums for years, Yo La Tengo were on my to see list. Thank you esteemed Englert Family for another fine experience.

[box_dark]Yo La Tengo is one of the most beloved and respected bands in America. For nearly thirty years, Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley and James McNew have enjoyed success entirely on their own terms – playing the world’s best concert halls, museums, and dives, dominating critics’ lists, doing a Simpsons theme, playing the Velvet Underground in “I Shot Andy Warhol,” sharing stages with some of the most important musicians of our time, and even creating a holiday tradition onto themselves with their yearly series of Hanukkah shows at Hoboken, New Jersey’s legendary club Maxwells, from which they’ve donated hundreds of thousands to charity.” The Englert[/box_dark]



A recent look @ You La Tengo

 I shot both sets from the balcony, 1st 3 of each set…

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