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March 9, 2010

jorge:  You are releasing a book “Rasin Cain” in May. What prompted you to write the book?

JW: I as well as everyone else thought my story should be told so things were put into motion and the book should be out May 1st 2010

jorge: Reflect on your work with Mike Bloomfield during the 1968 Super Session recordings?

JW: Mike was a great guy and terrific player we first met in a club called the *Fickle Pickle,  he helped greatly in first getting me noticed.

jorge: Your body of work as a solo artist will forever be as a blues icon. What is your personal favorite effort?

JW: I really like progressive blues experiment my first record me Tommy Shannon and uncle john turner recorded that at the **Vulcan Gas Company in a very short time I’m very happy with the way it came out

jorge: How did your cross over into the rock n roll genre help or distract your career?
(my first Johnny Winter show was  Johnny Winter And @ KRNT Theater in Des Moines, IA with Rick Derringer and ***Tommy Shannon)

JW: It was my manager at the time’s idea… music was changing and he said i had to change with it …i was not happy, but am beginning to see that it was a good thing.

I have always wanted to be a bluesman and will be that way till i die.

jorge: You are playing Wanee in April. Warren Haynes has stated that you are a major influence. Are there any plans of him sitting in with you during your show?

JW: Yes we are playing that show and of course as at every event with Warren i would love to have him sit in with my band. Paul Nelson – guitar, Scott Spray – bass, Vito liuzzi – drums

jorge: If you could change anything in the music world and it would become a reality what would it be?

JW: I would change it to all Blues (Laughs)


Johnny Winter

My thanks to Johnny Winter and his management- jorge

* Fickle Pickle was once managed by Mike Bloomfield

** Vulcan Gas Company

*** See comment below

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